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3M™ Anti-Counterfeit Laser Mark

3M UK4009N(HK) Series is a reflective material for License Plate containing anti-counterfeit directional security marks. When car owners shed light on the number plates that made of this material or view them from the sides, the security marks are clearly visible. Car owners can therefore distinguish whether their plates comply with the B.S. AU145a Specifications of Hong Kong Transport Department and avoid installing any counterfeits.

UK4009N(HK) Reflective Sheeting (White)

UK4019N(HK) Reflective Sheeting (Yellow)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1Q. How to make sure that my retro-reflective license plates meet the requirements of Hong Kong Transport Department?

    1A. 3M UK4009N(HK) Series complies with the retro-reflective requirements of Hong Kong Transport Department. Simply shed light on the plates that made of it or observe the plates from the sides, you can see the “3M” security marks (as shown in the picture on the right).
  • 2Q. What is so special about the “3M” security marks?

    2A. By incorporating 3M Ensure Image Technology, the UK4009N(HK) Series allows the security marks on the license plates to be clearly visible when viewing from the sides from a particular angle, but look very much like any ordinary plates when viewing directly in front of them. The directional security marks will not reduce the reflectivity or interfere with appearance and legibility of the finished plates. Since the reflective material contains the directional security marks as its integral part, the complicated production process makes unauthorized reproduction extremely difficult. Manufactured by 3M in Germany, the UK4009N(HK) Series was introduced by 3M Hong Kong to enhance vehicle protection and bring peace of mind to customers in Hong Kong.
  • 3Q. When were 3M anti-counterfeit reflective materials for vehicle license plates launched?

    3A. The UK4009N(HK) Series was launched in Hong Kong in June 2009.
  • 4Q. What are the problems if substandard license plates are installed?

    4A. If substandard plates are installed, drivers’ safety on the road is hugely compromised. Drivers turn on the headlights in the night or low visibility so that we can see the plates of the cars in front of them. If the plates are not reflective, accidents may happen. Also, installing substandard license plates is illegal and may be penalized.
  • 5Q. Do all 3M reflective materials comply with the B.S AU145a requirements of Hong Kong Transport Department?

    5A. No. Only 3M UK4009N(HK) Series meets the License Plate B.S. AU145a requirements of Hong Kong Transport Department.
  • 6Q. Where can I buy the License plates made with 3M UK4009N (HK) Series?

    6A. You can find it in major license plate manufacturers in town. Please call 2806-6303 for details.