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e-Warranty Registration

  • Cardiology 心臟科
    Pediatric 兒科
    Gynaecology 婦科
    Medical 內科
    Surgical 外科
    Family Doctor 家庭醫學
    Others, please specify 其他,請註明
  • Internet 互聯網
    Information on Product Packaging 產品包裝上的資料
    In-store Promoter 店舖推廣員介紹
    Referral from Friends & Relatives 親友介紹
    Others, please specify 其他,請註明
  • 1
    5 or more 或以上
  • 1-2 years 年
    3-5 years 年
    6-10 years 年
    10 or more years 10年或以上
  • Attractive price 價錢吸引
    Attractive color 顏色吸引
    The old one has broken 現有的已不能使用
    As backup 作後備
    Gift for friends 送贈朋友
    Better performance 產品性能更好

  • The information you provide will be retained in our files for up to seven years and maybe used for 3M market research studies and to contact you directly regarding product information and privilege promotion. You may opt out of being contacted directly elsewhere on this form. Your feedback will be valuable for us in providing even better quality products and services to fulfill your needs.

    I wish to be contact for product information and privilege promotion from 3M.
    本人願意接受3M公司日後的產品資料及優惠推廣。 I wish 願意 I don't wish 不願意


Your warranty registration has been completed. An email notification will be sent to you within 24 hours, in which a warranty registration number will be shown. Both the warranty registration number and original invoice MUST be presented at time of repairing or checking service.


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(Monday to Friday 周一至周五)

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