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Customer Survey 顧客問卷

Customer Survey 顧客問卷

To help us providing seamless service, please answer the following questions accurately and return the survey to Customer Services Department of 3M Hong Kong Limited on or before May 31, 2017. As a token of appreciation, a souvenir will be given to the customers who completed the survey. (souvenirs are limited and will be given on first-come-first-served basis)
為能提供更完善的服務,本公司現誠邀 貴客戶塡妥以下問卷,並煩請於 2017年5月31日 或之前 回覆此問卷至 3M 香港有限公司-- 顧客服務部收

為答謝 貴客的寶貴意見,本公司將贈送紀念品一份予完成問卷的顧客。(禮品數量有限,先到先得,送完即止。)

Column 1 "Performance" : Please rate 3M Hong Kong Limited's performance on the following services provided to your company (from 1 to 5, the worst to the best; NA for those not applicable)
Column 2 "Importance" : Please rate each category for the importance to your company (from 1 to 5, the most important to the least important; NA for those not applicable)

第一列 "工作表現":請對3M 香港有限公司在下列所提供的服務方面的工作表現予以評分。(5=優 4=很好 3=好 2=尚可 1=不好)
第二列 "重要程度":請對該項內容對 貴公司的重要性予以評分。(5=很關鍵 4=很重要 3=重要 2=不太重要 1=不重要)

  • Sales Support 銷售支援 Performance 工作表現 Importance 重要程度
    1 3M's sales contact responds to your special requests in a timely manner
    3M 營業代表回應客戸特別需要的效率

    2 The accuracy of handling your enquiry and quotation
    3M 處理 貴司的查詢及報價的準確性

    3 The information provided to you is comprehensive and sufficient
    3M 提供給 貴司的資料是否充足完備

    4 The overall attitude & courtesy of 3M's Sales contact
    3M 營業代表在跟進 貴司的查詢時表現

      Customer Services Support 顧客服務支援 Performance 工作表現 Importance 重要程度
    5 3M's Customer Services process your orders accurately
    3M 客戸服務部處理訂單的準確性

    6 3M's Customer Services respond & handle your urgent orders in a timely manner
    3M 客戸服務部處理緊急訂單的反應

    7 3M's Customer Services answer inquiries of order status in a timely manner
    3M 客戸服務部回應訂單咨詢的效率

    8 The overall attitude & courtesy of 3M's Customer Services Representative
    整體 3M 客戶服務部的態度及禮貌

      Technical Support 技術支援 Performance 工作表現 Importance 重要程度
    9 3M Technical Department provides you with accurate technical information
    3M 技術部門提供準確的技術資料

    10 3M Technical Department assists you in product applications
    3M 技術部門提供產品應用上的協助

    11 3M Technical Department can recommend you the right product
    3M 技術部門建議合適的產品

    12 3M Techncal Department can provide product trial
    3M 技術部門提供試產上的協助

    13 3M Techncal Department delivers professional technical seminars and product training
    3M 技術部門提供專業的產品培訓及講座

      Local Delivery Service 本地運輸服務 Performance 工作表現 Importance 重要程度
    14 3M Distribution Center meets delivery promise (includes on time and attitude)
    3M 貨倉部符合送貨允諾 (包括準時及態度)

    15 3M Distribution Center meets/exceeds competitor's delivery
    3M 貨倉部符合/超越其他供應商送貨服務

      Invoice & Credit Service 發票及信貸服務 Performance 工作表現 Importance 重要程度
    16 3M presents you the statement and invoice in a timely manner
    3M 提供月結單及發票是否及時

    17 3M presents you the invoice is clear and correct
    3M 提供的發票是否清楚而內容正確

    18 3M meets/exceeds competitor's payment terms
    與其他供應商比較,3M 提供適切的付款條件

      Product Price & Quality 產品價格及質素 Performance 工作表現 Importance 重要程度
    19 3M pricing is reasonable, fair and consistent to market
    3M 産品的價格合理, 與品質相符

    20 3M delivers quality products and services, that meets or exceeds customers' needs and expectations
    3M 提供優質產品及服務以符合/超越客戸需要及期望

      Environmental Protection 環境保護 Performance 工作表現 Importance 重要程度
    21 3M delivers environmental friendly products and services, that helps protect local environment
    3M 提供環保產品及服務以幇助推廣及保護當地環境

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