man wrapping a fleet vehicle with 3M premium films
Take your brand on the road.

Graphic films are an easy and cost-effective way to capture the attention of millions of people. Discover how branding your vehicles with graphic films can drive brand awareness and grow your business.


3M™ Fleet Graphics

Strengthen your company's brand image by wrapping your fleet in premium graphic films. At 3M, we provide low-hassle, trustworthy graphic film solutions that will reflect your brands best image. Wrap any of your company's fleet from cars and passenger vans to utility trucks and semi-trucks. The possibilities are endless. 

Frequently Asked Questions about 3M Fleet Graphics

  • Film selection is determined by a number of the factors such as the type of surface the graphic is being applied to, the length of time you plan to keep the graphic, and how you plan to use the graphics. For a closer look at film selection, check out the 3M Graphics Guide (PDF, 36.57 MB).
  • a. To get the most from your graphics you should make sure that you are following the maintenance instructions from the film manufacturer. You should avoid harsh chemicals that can cause fading and wash the graphics regularly to easily remove contaminants.
  • The length of time to wrap a vehicle or fleet vary by project. You will need to work closely with your graphic manufacturer to discuss project management and timeline. Some of the variables include vehicle prepping, the size and experience of the installation team, film coverage, and surface complexity. You should receive an estimated timeframe at the start of your project from your graphic manufacturer.
  • Cost is determined by several factors such as how much of the vehicle is being wrapped, the film selected, and installation cost. Cost can range from a few hundred dollars for decals or cut letters to a few thousand for full wraps. You should work with your graphic manufacturer for quotes. For fleet projects, a 3M rep can work with you to make sure the right films for your application is specified.
  • With proper maintenance, the expected performance life of 3M premium films under MCS™ Warranty should look good and stay adhered up to 7 years.
  • 3M offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Our MCS™ warranty covers finished graphics that consist of all 3M certified components: films, inks, and printers.

What solutions can 3M provide for wrapping my fleet?

Imagine products that perform even better and provide even more design flexibility, with white, metallic, non-pvc and clear films. Now there is a product for virtually every project. Wrap your vehicles with peace of mind.

Need Help Finding the Right Vehicle Wraps for Transportation and Commercial Vehicles?

From reflective film to protective film and all those in between, choosing the right vehicle wrap product for the right job can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Let our experts help you pinpoint the perfect product that will take your next project to greater heights… and keep your customers coming back for more.