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    3M is excited to announce FDA 510(k) clearance for its 3M™ Attest™ Super Rapid Biological Indicator (BI) System for Steam, which now provides BI test results in just 24 minutes.

    With this announcement, 3M is also introducing an Attest™ Auto-reader software upgrade that will allow auto-reader models 490 (steam) or 490H (VH202) to start incubating both steam and VH2O2 biological indicators in one unit – and in any well of the reader.

Enable Every Load Monitoring with faster results.

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    24-minute rapid biological indicator results make it practical to quarantine hydrogen peroxide loads until BI results are known, ensuring every load released has confirmation of sterilization. You’ll have confidence that you’re providing patients with high, consistent quality of care.

Image of a the 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout System for VH2O2 with 490H Auto-Reader, biological indicators, chemical indicators, and indicator tape.

Maximize confidence with a proven, consistent assurance system.

For more than 25 years, 3M has provided rapid BIs and trusted support to facilities worldwide. We’ve applied our proven technology to our VH2O2 system, resulting in industry-leading speed and reliability.

BIs, indicator tapes and chemical indicators are all part of our portfolio of products for VH2O2 sterilization assurance, helping you to ensure that every part of the sterilization process is working. The same blue-towards-pink chemical indicator change across all elements of the VH2O2 system makes them easy to use, and easy to interpret.



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Verified compatibility with leading sterilizers

  • Sterilization Monitoring for STERRAD® Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Systems*

    For use with STERRAD® 100S, STERRAD® 100NX (Standard, Flex, Express and Duo cycles), STERRAD® NX (Standard and Advanced cycles), STERRAD® 100NX with ALLClear™ Technology (Standard, Flex, Express and Duo cycles), STERRAD® NX with ALLClear™ Technology (Standard and Advanced cycles)

  • Sterilization Monitoring for Amsco® V-PRO® maX Low Temperature Sterilization System*

    For use with V-PRO® maX (Lumen, Non Lumen, and Flexible cycles), V-PRO® 1 plus (Lumen and Non Lumen cycles), V-PRO® 1  (Lumen cycles), V-PRO® 60 (Lumen, Non Lumen, and Flexible cycles)

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    *Sterrad, ALLClear, 100NX, and NX are registered trademarks of Advanced Sterilization Products, Division of Ethicon US, LLC. Amsco and VPRO are registered trademarks of Steris Corporation
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