3M™ Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative for CEREC®, 2914C2-LT, C2-LT, 14L

  • 3M ID 70201085084
  • UPC 4891203296620

Fast and easy to mill - no firing necessary.

Brilliant aesthetics with long-lasting polish.

Less wear to opposing enamel than glass ceramics.

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  • Fast and easy to mill - no firing necessary
  • Brilliant aesthetics with long-lasting polish
  • Less wear to opposing enamel than glass ceramics
  • Resilient, not brittle
  • High flexural strength (200 MPa) adds durability to posterior restorations
  • Resin nano ceramic material delivers exceptional durability, excellent polish retention
  • Available in eight shades and two translucencies
  • Lava™ Ultimate Restorative is indicated for the following permanent adhesive, single-unit restorations: •Inlays •Onlays •Veneers

Lava™ Ultimate Restorative is a unique resin nano ceramic CAD/CAM material with long-lasting aesthetics and outstanding durability and performance.

3M science makes the difference 3M scientists and engineers combined nanotechnology with a proprietary curing treatment to create a unique material with the benefits of both glass ceramics and resins: High flexural strength (2 MPa) Excellent wear resistance, even to opposing enamel Brilliant and long lasting polish"