3M™ Throttle Plate & Carb Cleaner, PN8866, 12CAN/CS

  • 3M ID 60455069256
  • UPC 4891203301973

Improves car idle for more consistent vehicle performance

Creates more responsive acceleration

Produces better fuel economy

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  • Improves car idle for more consistent vehicle performance
  • Creates more responsive acceleration
  • Produces better fuel economy
  • Reduces engine knocks and pings for improved engine performance
  • Affordable price potentially saves money spent on maintenance

The 3M™ Intake System Cleaner removes soot, carbon and other deposits from vehicle intakes that are harmful to engine performance. Use of our cleaner is an important part of regular vehicle intake system maintenance that can create more responsive acceleration and improved fuel economy.

The Importance of Intake System Cleaning

A vehicle intake system is similar to the human respiratory system. Air is taken in, filtered and then distributed to the essential engine components so the car can run properly. Without proper air distribution, a car fails to function properly.

Despite major advances in vehicle intake systems, there’s still a need to clean them periodically to prevent the harmful buildup of carbon, soot or other deposits that can hinder your vehicle’s performance. This product effectively removes these deposits. Using the 3M Intake System Cleaner could also help save money since some auto mechanics charge $80 or more for an intake system cleaning.

The 3M Instake System Cleaner is sold individually, or as part of a more robust package of intake system cleaners. As an individual item, the cleaner is suitable for professional or at home use. Normal safety procedures are recommended when using this product. Keep out of reach of children, use gloves when handling and consider using a half face-piece of full face-piece air-purifying respirator that’s suitable for organic vapors.

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The many applications and benefits of the 3M Intake System Cleaner include:


Intake manifold


Combustion chamber


Against carbon buildup

Against engine knock (caused by carbon buildup)




Fuel economy