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  • Each year since 2011, 3M has produced a report that captures the state of Sustainability in all facets of the company's business, in all corners of the world. Aimed at 3M employees, job seekers, suppliers, customers, and Sustainbility media, it provides an externally verified picture of where the company stands in its mission to improve every life.

2019 Sustainability Report Sections

  • A look at the strengths and priorities that make 3M unique in the marketplace.

    Our values
    Together with the 3M Vision, our Values define and guide the type of Sustainabliity partner we will be.

    Our strategic Sustainability framework
    New in 2018, this framework reveals 3M's long-term strategy for applying science to improve lives.

    Global challenges
    See what Sustainability challenges 3M is addressing, who we'll partner with, and how we measure success.

    Learn how we're investing money, products, and time to support communities, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, and enviornmental programs.

    Employee diversity and inclusion
    Learn how 3M is creating a respectful culture that supports and celebrates diverse, inclusive workforce.

    In 2018, 3M again received accolades for its efforts in the area of Sustainability. Here's a partial gallery of them.

  • Team reports on our commitments related to Sustainability, our actions in 2018, and what lies ahead.

    Corporate governance
    A clear explanation of how corporate governance practices serve the long-term interests of 3M and Sustainability.

    Enterprise risk
    How 3M helps assure adequate recognition and ownership of the most significant potential risks to shareholder value.

    Corporate Code of Conduct
    Defining the uncompromising values that bind us together as 3M employees, across business groups and geographies.

    Human rights
    We set guidelines and identify high-risk areas in our ongoing effort to assure respect for human rights everywhere.

    A work plan that provides competitive market pay and comprehensive benefits at all levels.

    Employee programs
    From parental leave to managerial development, we are dedicated investors in our most valuable resource: people.

    Health and safety
    The steps we’re taking today to advance the safety of 3M employees, visitors, locations, and surrounding communities.

    Environmental management
    An overview of the 3M approach to responsible environmental management and conservation of resources.

    Raw materials
    A review of the 3M approach to developing circular economy solutions.

    The path 3M is on to bring lasting improvements to water availability and quality on a global scale.

    Climate and energy
    How we’re addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and energy conservation.

    A review of the path we take to align the 3M supply chain with our own corporate values.

  • The ingredients of 3M design and innovation – including a new promise that one of them will always be Sustainability.

    Our customers
    How 3M brings technology, deep domain experience, and a collaborative spirit to customer needs.

    Innovation management
    How we use 3M technology, manufacturing, global capabilities, and brand to create solutions.

    Our products
    See how we’re stepping up Sustainability in our new products in 2019 and beyond.

  • A behind-the-scenes description of the global standards and auditing procedures used to generate this report.

    Report scope and boundaries
    An explanation of how we collect, adjust (when appropriate) and verify the data in the 3M 2019 Sustainability Report.

    Indices to GRI and UNGC
    What you need to know about the Global Reporting Initiative and United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress.

    Assurance statement
    A statement from Bureau Veritas regarding its scope of work, methodology, and findings in the 2019 3M Sustainability Report.

    Metric tables
    The data that helps define our progress in improving Sustainability, in all its forms, all around the world.

Policies & Past Sustainability Reports

  • Want to learn more about 3M's Sustainability track record, and applicable policies, positions, and standards? All the resources you need are right here.