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Importance of Water Filtration System to Catering

  • Restaurants, cafés, quick service restaurants, coffee shops, convenient stores, and other foodservice outlets rely on fresh and clean water for daily business. Controlling water quality can be vital to your store’s brand identity and customer loyalty.

    You may consider incoming water to be fixed, stable and unchanging, but quality varies widely from region to region and even street to street. High levels of dissolved minerals, the use of disinfectants and the presence of tiny solid particles – or even residual bacteria – may result in unpleasant taste. And, untreated water may cause scaling on internal parts, corrosion on metal surfaces, and rot rubber components within your foodservice machinery.

3M Commercial Food Service Water Filtration Solutions

  • 3M is an expert in water filtration treatment for the catering industry as it enhances the taste and quality of beverages, providing water filtration solutions for various catering equipment.

  • Designed for all kinds of ice making machines and effectively removes particulate matter, reduce chlorine taste, and protect equipment.

  • Designed for coffee machines and hot beverage machines to improve the taste of drinks by high-quality filtered water.

  • Advanced patented technology effectively removes impurities, residual chlorine, bacteria, and other harmful substances in the water. It is ready to drink, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

Water Filtration Systems for Catering Industry

Water Filtration Systems for Ice Machine

Water Filtration Systems for Coffee Machine

Water Filtration Systems for Office

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Water Filtration Systems for Catering Industry





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