3M Push-to-Fit Earplug

3M™ Push-to-Fit Earplugs

Clean, comfortable, and convenient hearing protection.

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The 3M™ Push-to-Fit Earplug Advantage

  • 3M Push-to-Fit No roll Ear plug

    Clean, comfortable and convenient hearing protection.

    Don't let dirt, chemicals and other harmful substances from your work wind up in your ears. Help prevent hand-to-ear contamination with 3M™ Push-to-Fit Earplugs. Get the best of both worlds — the comfort of slow-recovery foam with the convenience of a push-in earplug.

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4. 3M™ Push-to-Fit Features

  • 3M Push-to-Fit Foam no roll ear plug

    Touch the Grips, Not the Tips:
    Not touching the foam means you can alleviate hand-to-ear contamination concerns.

  • 3M Push-to-Fit Comfortable Earplug

    Soft Foam:
    Slow-recovery foam better conforms to the unique shape of each ear for a comfortable fit.

  • 3M Push-to-fit Ear Plug Foam Tips

    No Rolling Down:
    Innovative design eliminates the need for rolling the foam tips to achieve a proper fit.

  • 3M Push-to-Fit earplug in use

    Fast to Fit:
    Push-to-Fit earplugs make it easier for wearers to get a proper fit quickly — even for first-time wearers.

  • 3M Push-to-fit Discovery Kit

    Discover the Difference

    Request a Discovery Kit and we'll send you 3M Push-to-Fit Earplug samples to try for yourself. Compare them to your current hearing protection and discover the Push-to-Fit earplug advantage.

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