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Current 3M Suppliers and Partners


3M eOrder Center For 3M authorized distributors only - to purchase products, check order status and update profile information.

Visit Supplier Direct to access sourcing information, transportation routings, supplier agreements and tax documents.

Become a Partner


  • We’d love to partner with you to help meet your product and innovation needs. To get started, you’ll need an authorisation code from your 3M Customer Service Representative.

    Once you have the authorization code, you can register to become a 3M Partner.

Become a Supplier


  • 3M connects ideas and human insight to develop products that positively impact lives throughout the world. We couldn’t do that without our quality suppliers.

    Learn about becoming a 3M supplier, including our supplier requirements, diversity initiative, and how to introduce your company to 3M.

3M Suppliers and Partners


  • Registered users of 3M eOrder Center please click the link and sign into our system to place order(s), or track the status of your order(s). For 3M authorized distributors only. Please contact our Customer Service Officer if you have any question.

  • Partnership Support

    We serve our customers through our network of quality business partners who are supported by a professional and technical sales organization.

  • Suppliers

    We have websites and applications available to access business information including transportation routings, specifications, tax documents, supplier agreements, and more.

    If you are interested in becoming a partner of 3M or supplier to 3M contact us.