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  • 3M STEM Education & Experience Workshops Inspire students’ interest in science and creative thinking through diverse activities


    To celebrate its 60th anniversary of founding in Hong Kong, 3M specially organised six STEM Education & Experience Workshops from 17th to 22nd November. Some 80 teachers and students from 5 primary and secondary schools participated in the workshops. Through short talks, fun games, and science experiments, 3Mers deciphered the scientific knowledge and principles behind the proprietary filtration and purification, adhesive, and film technologies. The workshops also turned factual knowledge into stimulating real-life experience, sparking students’ interest and spirit of exploration in science and technology.

    Ben Chung, General Manager of 3M Hong Kong, said, “As a science-based company, 3M is committed to creating a more positive world and aims to inspire interest and support achievement in STEM-related coursework by making effective use of our advanced science and professional knowledge. In fact, science is ubiquitous in our everyday life. Just look carefully and attentively around; one can easily find the technological innovations that make our lives easier and better.”

    Students used the simple materials provided to creatively design their water filter/ purifier that could quickly and effectively filter out pollutants.

    The 2-hour 3M STEM Education & Experience Workshop was teeming with fun and exciting content. In addition to the science teaching conducted by 3M volunteers, various activities were in place, including “Filter/Purifier Design Contest”, in which students creatively used the materials provided to design effective filters/ purifiers, incorporating the filtration and purification theories. Through controlled experiments and first-hand trials, students learnt that advanced window films could filter out heat without compromising the light transmission rate. They also sat behind the wheel of the driving simulation system to experience the enhanced road safety made possible by 3M retro-reflectivity technology. By witnessing the down-sliding speed of waterdrops on varied materials and setting their hands and feet on the rock-climbing wall, they were aware of the scientific principles behind state-of-the-art adhesives, which fixed the load-bearing grips and anchors tightly onto the wall without the need to drill holes or use bolts and nuts.

    Through scientific experiments, students learnt about light reflection and refraction. Sat behind the wheel of the driving simulation system, students experienced the enhanced road safety made possible by road signs incorporating the latest light reflectivity technology.

    Ben Chung said, “My gratitude goes to more than ten colleagues from different groups and departments. They spend about a month with me to prepare for this workshop. We looked at the curriculum guides for senior primary schools and junior secondary schools published by the Education Bureau and hoped that the workshop could get students closer to science by putting what they have learnt into real-life experience. After the workshops, I hope they find scientific development and innovation interesting and aspire to be science researchers to contribute to the society.”

    Participants gave positive feedback after the workshops. Students found the activities fun, engaging, and eye-opening; and hoped the duration of the workshop could be further extended. Teachers noted that the experiment opportunities at school were substantially slashed because of the pandemic, but the 3M products and the well-designed experiments were intricately linked with the scientific knowledge taught in the classroom, so the students were inspired greatly. They also wished that more workshops could be organised for students and even for general studies or science teachers in the future.

    Students had first-hand trials on 3M adhesives.

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