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  3. 3M has been included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 18 consecutive years
  • 3M has been included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 18 consecutive years

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    3M has been included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 18 consecutive years


    3M has been included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 18 consecutive years


    3M has been included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 18 consecutive years


    20 volunteers from 3M Hong Kong visited the New Jade Manufacturing Centre founded by Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong on 15 September. Alongside the service users, they made make handicrafts, including leatherware and recycled paper roses, which will be sold at a charity sale. This integrated vocational rehabilitation service centre provides basic training to rehabilitants to enhance their confidence during daily training, thereby preparing them for re-entry into the open employment market. By showing care to the rehabilitants, the visit of 3M volunteers also helps build an inclusive and harmonious community.

    3M has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, from the Pollution Prevention Pays program that began in 1975 to 3M’s forward-looking sustainability goals for 2025 related to environment protection, education and development.

    Since its establishment, 3M Hong Kong has been actively serving the local community. In addition to various charitable activities organised on special days, including Senior Citizens’ Day, International Women’s Day, or Blood Donation Day, 3M donates products and services to help people in need. 

    The company is also committed to education and development. For two consecutive years, 3M has been sponsoring the “King of Sedan Chair” Competition to encourage adolescents to turn their ideas into reality. 3M’s STEM Leadership Programme is in place to stimulate students’ interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, developing them into future scientists. And, “3M Hong Kong” Prizes are given to top students in the Medical Faculty of the University of Hong Kong.

    3M cares about the environment. For years, it has been partnering with Friends of the Earth (HK), as a “COOL Corporate”, to promote a broad array of green campaigns. It also participated in “Earth Hour” organised by WWF to encourage its employees and the public to lead a greener life by reducing waste and preserving energy. Apart from creating a healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly workplace for the employees, 3M joined the Occupational Safety and Health Carnival for years to promote safe and health protection in the workplace to the public. 

    3M Hong Kong has received the “Caring Company” Logo for 11 years in a row. It has also garnered logos of “Consumer Caring”, “Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship” and “Happy Company” for its continuous giving and support to the society.

    This year, 3M has once again been selected for inclusion in the 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). This marks the 18th consecutive year 3M has been recognised for its sustainability efforts both in the U.S. and globally – making it one of a short list of companies that have appeared on the list each year. The DJSI is released annually by S&P Dow Jones Indices, a leading index provider, and created by research analysts who perform an in-depth study of companies’ environmental, social and economic performance.

    "We’re very proud to be recognised in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index", 3M Chief Sustainability Officer, Jean Bennington Sweeney said. "It’s a testament to our 90,000 employees who every day are working to help solve some of the world's biggest challenges."

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