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  • An innovative Activity-Based Workplace built on 3M ' s centenary history & cutting edge technology


    In 2020, 3M moved out from the office space it occupied for nearly four decades and started a new chapter by relocating to Manhattan Place in Kowloon Bay. In keeping with the company’s global business strategy, 3M’s new office shunned the traditional partitioned workspace model in favour of an open, shared space. It is an office conducive to effective communication, and a fun place where creativity thrives. 3M’s century-rich culture pervades every corner of the office space, which also features the company’s cutting edge technology products, demonstrating the brand’s "3M Science. Applied to Life™" philosophy. In the comfortable work environment, employees are able to make full use of modern technology and space, improve work efficiency and enjoy great flexibility.

    “3M started to plan on the move and came up with the design of the new office in late 2018. Involving not only relocation, but also thorough consideration of the health of our employees and the future business development of the company, the project adopted the "Activity-Based Workplace" design concept. This complicated project sets a milestone in the history of 3M Hong Kong. To ensure a smooth transition, the key to success is change management. We have to revolutionise our traditional ideas and behaviours and establish a flexible, dynamic and collaborative bond in such a contemporary high-end workplace. The ingenuity and numerous 3M technologies brought by the designers and our team have made the new office to become a vigorous workplace full of vitality and inspiration, refreshing both of our employees and customers. Under the epidemic, the relocation and renovation project was full of challenges. To catch the tight schedule, we had to improvise. Fortunately, we were able to overcome all the challenges and complete the move on schedule, thanks to the concerted efforts of everyone involved in the project. We expect that the new office will become a brand new open platform for promoting our brand through demonstrating how our products, technologies and innovative culture can be applied to our daily lives. It will also be an ideal place for passionate talents for better career development and personal growth,” said Mr. Ben Chung, General Manager, 3M Hong Kong Limited.

    Motivate the team to embrace changes

    Known for its highly innovative products, 3M knows that for any changes to be made with success, effective communication is the key. With this in mind, shortly after the relocation plan was set in motion, the company recruited employees from different departments as representatives heading a special project team. On-site inspections were conducted and numerous staff townhall meetings were held. The company also solicited different views on the location and design of the new office. To strengthen a sense of belonging, the company invited employees to vote on the choice of office chairs and desks. Some employees suggested naming the conference rooms after Hong Kong’s landmarks. The management then asked employees to proffer suggestions and then voted for their favourite names. Now the board meeting room is called “The Peak” and the small meeting room that commands the view of the Lion Rock is, naturally, named "Lion Rock". All this is an expression of 3M’s creativity and also adds a bit of fun to the new office.

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    Activity-Based Workplace Design makes full use of space with privacy

    Occupying about 20,000 square feet on an upper floor of the building, 3M's brand new office commands a stunning 270-degree view of Victoria Harbour and Lion Rock. The front section of the office consists of the reception, a mobile coworking and collaboration area, and a customer experience zone. This is where 3M’s employees and clients interact and unlock their creativity. The multi-function meeting room is fitted with movable glass partitions. The area can be used for holding closed meetings and training events, or expanded for large-scale open activities. The rear section of the office has an open design. Apart from workstations for employees with fixed seats, different styles of hot desks and focus booths are at the choice of employees. Amenities here include adjustable computer monitor arms, ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks, stylish sound-absorbing ceiling panels and soundproof compartments of different sizes, which can ensure privacy and enable employees to focus on their work or meetings.


    Marry 3M’s century-rich culture with advanced products

    3M’s history and culture are ingeniously embodied in the new design, which also demonstrates the brand’s "3M Science. Applied to Life™" philosophy. The brand’s corporate triangle pattern and the orange, red and purple colours featuring the 3M Technology Platforms, are among the main design elements that can be seen everywhere in the new office. The lobby houses three walls that tell 3M’s legendary stories. The Logo Wall displays the company’s different logos over the past century. The History Wall exhibits 3M’s various breakthroughs, inventions and its corporate development since 1902. The Culture Wall states clearly 3M’s core corporate values, giving visitors a good understanding of the philosophy of this long-standing company.


    To enable visitors and employees to experience the beauty of 3M’s innovative technology, the design team incorporated the company’s proprietary technologies and products in different parts of the office based on suggestions made by different departments. 3M™ Envision™ Print Wrap Films on the ceiling, for example, can minimise emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde and can be removed easily without leaving adhesive residue. This ingenious solution opened up new business opportunities for interior design and installation projects. The 3M™ Sun Control Film fitted on the movable glass screen can demonstrate the rejection of ultraviolet light and infrared light, thus reducing indoor heat, keeping down the electricity bill and saving energy without obstructing the view out there. The rock climbing wall and the swing chairs that can carry a maximum weight of 250 pounds, provide a leisure space for visitors and employees and also highlight the super strong bond strength of the 3M™ VHB™ Tape. The designer also used the 3M™ DI-NOC™ Film to create stylish decorative elements, illustrating the versatility of the film while instilling an artistic touch to the office.

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    In fact, one only has to look a little carefully to find that the office is brimming with 3M’s innovative products, all designed to make people’s daily life and working life easier and more pleasant.

    Please click the link below for the short introductory video of 3M Hong Kong new office: https://youtu.be/QeTBe82ZfpA

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