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    Stop Use & Product Recall


    3M™ PROTECTA® Cobra Rope Grab AC202D

    3M Fall Protection has determined that the 3M™ PROTECTA® Cobra Mobile/Manual Rope Grab AC202D is incorrectly stamped for use with 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter rope on the exterior body of the unit. This Cobra Rope Grab is certified for use ONLY with 5/8 inch diameter polyester or polypropylene rope. All marketing information and the Instructions for Use (IFU) for this rope grab correctly identify the size of rope to be used as 5/8 inch polyester/polypropylene rope.

    In the event of a fall from height, a Cobra Rope Grab used with 1/2 inch diameter rope may not arrest the fall and could result in serious injury or death to the worker. To remedy this situation, 3M is launching a Stop Use & Product Recall to replace all AC202D and related Cobra Rope Grabs that are stamped 1/2"—3/4" Dia.

    Users/Owners: Immediately stop using and inspect your Cobra Rope Grab as described below:

    Step 1: Verify the rope diameter is stamped 1/2"—3/4" Dia on the front side of the unit

    Step 2: Verify the rope grab is stamped PROTECTA COBRA on the front side of the unit

    Note: If the unit is stamped 5/8 inch diameter OR if the unit has a white label showing 5/8 inch diameter, then the unit is safe to return to normal use (see image on right for correct 5/8” diameter marking).







    If the information in Step 1 and Step 2 is stamped onto the side of the rope grab as illustrated above, remove the unit from service immediately. Owners of AC202D Cobra Rope Grabs can choose one of the following options for each affected rope grab they own:

    1. A free, new, properly marked replacement AC202D Cobra Rope Grab; or

    2. A check for $100.

    You can provide your contact information directly at www.AC202CobraRecall.com to arrange for the return and replacement of your rope grab at 3M’s expense, or for a $100 check, or you can also contact 3M Customer Service at 1-833-638-2697 or at 3musfpserviceaction@mmm.com.

    Distributors: Please contact our Customer Service department at 1-833-638-2697 or at 3musfpserviceaction@mmm.com to obtain a listing of all Cobra Rope Grab AC202D’s sold to you. The affected part numbers are as follows: AC202D, AC202D/0, AC202A10, and 5000011B. If you have any of the affected Cobra Rope Grabs in stock, you should return them to 3M Fall Protection for credit or replacement at 3M’s expense. Please immediately forward this Recall Notice to any of your customers/users who have purchased affected product from you with a request that they read and comply with this Recall Notice.

    3M remains committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience that this situation may cause to you or your customers. We appreciate your continued support of 3M Fall Protection products and services.

    3M Fall Protection

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