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  • 3M Hong Kong shared technological development and application results


    3M Hong Kong shared technological development and application results

    in Enriching Knowledge Programme organised by Education Bureau

    3M Hong Kong was invited by Science Education Section of Education Bureau to participate in the seminar “Chemistry: Past & Present” held in the afternoon on 23rd April. Some 100 senior secondary school teachers specialised in Chemistry and Integrated Science attended the seminar which aimed at enhancing teachers’ understanding of the link between chemistry and daily life and enriching their knowledge of the recent changes in everyday life due to advances in the chemical technology. 3M was responsible for the session titled “Chemistry and Material Science in Our Daily Lives”.

    Mr. C. K. Wu, Senior Manager of 3M Technical Department, took to the stage and introduced adhesive - one of 3M’s core technology platform, and explained the theory of bonding and adhesive as well as how tapes and adhesives are applied around us in our daily life.

    Mr Wu said, “Learning and applying science is fun. Examples from daily life will motivate learning, and I hope students can have fun to learn science with the support and encouragement from our teachers.”

    Mr George Ip, a 3M retiree and former Senior Application Development Specialist, shared his personal experience in witnessing the rise and fall of Hong Kong industrial development. He joined 3M in 1989 and took part in the development of many advanced technologies, including immersion cooling and applying surface energy properties in various applications.

    He believes that technical personnel should seek truth by looking closely into facts and data, apply scientific knowledge to solve problems, help enhance productivity, protect the environment and make good use of natural resources. He concluded the session, “I hope you can nurture students with an eager-to-create-a better-future attitude, help them reason rationally and develop a global perspective, so that they can thrive in their learning and vocations in the years to come.”

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