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  • 3M joined hand with “King of Sedan Chair”

    3M Background Pattern 3M Background Pattern 3M Background Pattern

    3M joined hand with “King of Sedan Chair”

    Infusing new concepts to promote Nexcare™ anti-acne products

    3M joined hand with “King of Sedan Chair”

    Infusing new concepts to promote Nexcare™ anti-acne products

    3M joined hand with “King of Sedan Chair”

    Infusing new concepts to promote Nexcare™ anti-acne products

    A team of junior-secondary-school students proposed to adopt the local “Cha Chaan Teng” (literally: tea restaurant) culture alongside easy-to-memorize “Less oil, Acne-free” tagline and ragged verses in a TV commercial to accentuate the benefits of Nexcare™ anti-acne products.

    3M always encourage students to flex their creative muscles, and that’s why it continued to sponsor “The Hong Kong Secondary School ‘King of Sedan Chair’ Competition” organised by free daily AM730. This year, 21 teams of young talent submitted creative advertising proposals to help promote Nexcare™ Acne Whitening Foaming Cleanser and Acne Dressing. The team of Sing Yin Secondary School finally scooped up the Brand Award in the junior group, and also the title of “King of Sedan Chair” by beating other teams with their outstanding performance in the competition. On behalf of 3M Hong Kong, Mr. Ben Chung, Senior Group Manager, presented awards in the award presentation ceremony held on 20 May.

    Before coming up with any creative ideas, the boy team from Sing Yin Secondary School tried out Nexcare™ products. Since none of them had ever used such skin care products before, they found the Nexcare™ Acne Dressing particularly attractive and easy to use because it could be applied just after face cleaning. According to the team member, the brain-storming meeting was not going smoothly. No striking concepts appeared until the team members were hungry and thought about going to “Cha Chaan Teng” for dinner. They decided to use the uniquely Hong Kong styled restaurant as the background, and then the “Less Oil, Acne-free” slogan emerged – suitably highlighting the oil-controlling effect of Nexcare™ Acne Whitening Foaming Cleanser and the secretion-absorbing, acne-healing promotion function of Nexcare™ Acne Dressing.

    3M appreciated the proposal and invited the young creatives to work with advertising professionals to turn their ideas into reality. The resultant video, a 30-second TV commercial combining footage of actors with the 2D graphical background, is pleasing to the eyes with a pinch of unique Hong Kong culture. It is now shown on the 3M corporate website and various online media.

    The students were thrilled to work with a team of professional media workers in producing the commercial. They said that it was an eye-opening journey for them to learn more about advertising, and they were grateful to having such memorable experience in their secondary school life!


    30” Nexcare™ TV commercial:
    The Making of Nexcare™ Commercial and Interview with “King of Sedan Chair”:


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