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  • 3M launches new "3M Forward" platform reveals how the company applies technological and innovative solutions at scale to navigate global shifts for a brighter future


    Hong Kong, May 23 2023 -- 3M Forward, a new initiative from 3M, demonstrates how applying materials science at scale can help society progress amidst three unstoppable forces that are shaping our planet: climate change and resource scarcity, shifting demographics and social change and convergence of the physical and digital worlds. The platform features insights from 3M scientists, engineers and experts who are pioneering innovation in their fields and shares how their solutions are building a brighter future. As for 3M Hong Kong, it actively uses cutting-edge innovative technologies to provide decarbonization, energy transition and smart living solutions to address climate change and help improve lives.

    "The global megatrends highlighted within 3M Forward are disruptive in nature, but at 3M, we see disruption as a catalyst for new advances in science and positive societal impact," said Ryan Rogers, director of business building at 3M Ventures. "Science has the potential to solve the toughest global challenges, and 3 M's diverse global portfolio and vast expertise make us optimally positioned to deliver innovative solutions at scale."

    In the face of global shifts
    HK people recognize the urgent need for technological and innovative solutions

    Increasing rates of global development and decreasing levels of natural resources have contributed to adverse environmental impacts and global climate change. Without swift solutions, the effects of climate change will continue to hit the most vulnerable people, economies and ecosystems—while expanding into new geographies. According to Hong Kong Key Data Findings of the 2023 "3M State of Science Index" Survey, compared to just one year ago, people in Hong Kong are more concerned about increasing climate change (69%), natural disasters (69%), air pollution (68%) and plastic pollution (68%). 92% of local respondents (vs 90% globally) believe businesses need to accelerate the development and adoption of technology and innovative application solutions to address climate change. The top technologies identified by the local technology professionals surveyed to address future climate change include air pollution filtering technology (50%), affordable solar panels (50% compared to 44% globally), and innovative uses of resources to reduce waste (46%).

    "At 3M, we see the broadening consensus for climate action and growing demand for innovative and sustainable solutions reaching an inflection point," said Gayle Schueller, 3M senior vice president and chief sustainability officer. "While we will continue applying materials science to develop new solutions, we are proud that our robust innovation pipeline allows us—and our customers—to accelerate and scale up existing science-based solutions in the critical areas of decarbonization, energy transition and circular economy."


    3M advanced decarbonization and energy-saving solutions
    Mitigating impacts of climate change and resource scarcity

    3M™ Sun Control Film Solutions helps V City at Tuen Mun to save energy

    In line with its environmental protection and energy-saving initiatives, Kai Shing Management Services Limited ("Kai Shing"), which has been actively promoting the concept of sustainable development, commissioned the design team at 3M Hong Kong to apply the 3M™ Sun Control Film on the glass facade of V City Shopping Centre in Tuen Mun in 2022. The film had passed the trial of I&T Solution of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. Combining the "nano-multi-layer optical film" technology with the optical reflection principle, the film consists of more than 200 layers yet is as thin as a piece of 3M Post-It® note. It filters out 99.9% ultraviolet and about 97% infrared rays, effectively reducing 77% of heat, and the indoor temperature can be slashed by 3 to 6 degrees Celsius. Moreover, its excellent energy-saving performance is proved by helping the shopping mall save an estimated 76,000 kWh per year.

    Ir Dr Enzo Lau, General Manager (Technical) of Kai Shing, said, "In addition to decarbonizing/ saving energy and preserving natural lighting, 3M™ Sun Control Film can also reduce the discomfort caused by sunlight in shopping malls and prevent furniture and equipment from fading or deteriorating due to direct sunlight, making the entire shopping mall more comfortable and enhancing customers' desire to shop. We have also formulated a long-term decarbonization and energy-saving plan for our shopping malls. Furthermore, we are studying the feasibility of extending the installation of the film to gradually improve the energy efficiency of our managed properties and promote decarbonization and energy saving in the industry."

    "Recently, the products of 3M Sun Control Film have been gaining popularity in the local market, especially in shopping malls, commercial buildings, schools, hotels and clubs, where the application rate has increased by up to 10%," said Jeff Chu, Sales and Marketing Manager of 3M Hong Kong. "3M will continue to apply the latest material science to provide advanced architectural safety and energy-efficient window film solutions to the Hong Kong market."

    For more details of the products, please click here.

    3M innovative solutions
    Tackling shifting demographics and social change

    We are all connected to a global information, commerce, talent and values marketplace. Greater global connectivity means shifts to education, sustainability, equity, and technology can have impacts far beyond their geographic origin. These shared social changes offer personal and professional opportunities but also present challenges. For example, urbanization rates continue to grow as the world redefines the future of work and consumerism with technology, but a diminishing population in more rural areas can create labour shortages and impact supply chains.

    3M provides innovative solutions for various industries. The company helps reduce administrative burdens in healthcare facilities so healthcare professionals can focus on their patients and create better health outcomes. In addition, to address labour challenges within manufacturing while streamlining production, 3M is introducing automated technologies like the 3M Finesse-it™ Robotic Paint Repair System, which efficiently identifies and eliminates defects on automotive production lines. To empower new ways of working, 3M recently partnered with Microsoft to launch the Post-it® App for Teams. The app provides the technology to replicate in-person collaboration, allowing workers to collaborate with colleagues no matter where they live or work, providing more freedom and flexibility.

    3M smart technologies
    tightly connecting the physical and digital worlds

    Software, sensors, artificial intelligence and human-machine interfaces make up a fast-evolving global ecosystem that powers industry, commerce and daily life. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more engaged and dependent on these interfaces. Rapid technological advancements and connected systems are shaping a new reality where the physical and digital increasingly overlap — an intersectional environment where 3M thrives.

    "3M technologies are helping this transformation by enabling more seamless physical and digital connectivity," said John Banovetz, 3M executive vice president, chief technology officer and environmental responsibility. "We are advancing digital automation on the factory floor to streamline supply and labour chains, boosting the power and performance of consumer electronics and optimizing the production of critical semiconductors. At 3M, we are designing and developing the materials and components necessary to support the functionality of digital solutions and demonstrating how those solutions are part of our daily lives."

    3M cares for the planet
    Switching to 100% renewable energy by 2050
    Building a better future through creative applications

    3M cares about climate and is helping the planet mitigate and adapt to climate change through scientific innovations and corporate sustainability commitments, including transitioning 3M's global operations to 100% renewable energy by 2050; investing $1 billion to accelerate a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050; reducing water use by 25% and improving water quality by 2030; and reducing 125 million pounds (nearly 56,700 metric tonnes) of virgin fossil-based plastics by 2025. With research and development capabilities in 55 countries, over 7,000 experts and scientists, more than 132,000 patents and 60,000 products in a wide range of industries, 3M will continue to develop and apply the latest materials science to deliver innovative and effective solutions at scale to help drive social progress.

    To learn more about how 3M solutions are improving lives around the world and where 3M is focused on innovating next, visit www.3M.com/Forward and www.facebook.com/3MHongKong

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