Patient and nurse wearing protective gear

Prioritizing the health and well-being of our healthcare community

Information to support those on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic

Supporting our customers and their patients

3M is responding to the rapidly changing COVID-19 outbreak by providing supplies where they are needed the most. Around the world, we are working with healthcare customers, government and medical officials to help provide critical products. 3M has increased production at our global manufacturing facilities including in the U.S., Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

Resources to help you

3M is committed to supporting the public health and government response to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet we understand you may have limited in-person access to your 3M sales representative. We want to provide you with access to resources that can help solve some of these needs during this challenging time.

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Protecting health care providers with PPE

  • Patient and medical staff wearing N95 respirators

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) is top-of-mind. Every day you put yourself at risk to care for your patients.

    We know you have questions related to PPE. We are here to answer your questions on respirators and masks. Find the latest information, FAQs and tips on using respirators appropriately here.

  • Medical staff in reaching for medical equipment
    Helping reduce the risk of contamination spread in your facility

    Help reduce the risk of bacteria and other contaminants spreading from people, the environment and medical equipment within your facility using the information links below.

    Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings

    Reducing contamination risk for patients and providers (PDF, 795 KB): includes guidance on isolation room procedures, hand hygiene, and single-use products

    FAQ on surface disinfection for environmental contamination reduction

    Stethoscope care and cleaning

  • Man sitting in chair with ACTIV.A.C.™ Therapy Unit
    Enabling care outside the hospital

    Hospitals and clinicians may need to transition patients to their homes sooner than expected to help free up hospital space and resources. These transitions also prevent healthcare practitioners and potential at-risk patients from being exposed to viruses and other illnesses.

    But, for some patients, access to wound care clinics or home health visits may now be disrupted. We’re here to help enable, navigate and empower continued care for your patients outside of the hospital.

  • Helping reduce the risk of secondary complications and minimize inefficiencies
    Helping reduce the risk of secondary complications and minimize inefficiencies

    We recognize that you’re being asked to do far more with far less right now, and protecting health care providers with PPE continues to be our top priority. We’re also here to support you by helping to reduce the risk of secondary complications and minimize inefficiencies with guidelines, best practices and resources so that you can focus on what matters most – providing care to your patients.

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