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  6. Sinfony™ Dentine-Material D D2 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49260

Sinfony™ Dentine-Material D D2 Shade Dispenser Refill, 49260

  • 3M ID 70201106864

Excellent aesthetics/translucency.

Long-term proven wear resistance.

Ease of finishing and polishing.

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  • Excellent aesthetics/translucency
  • Long-term proven wear resistance
  • Ease of finishing and polishing
  • Plaque and stain resistance
  • Proven in tests to be as strong or stronger than other popular brands and to possess inherent advantages in flexibility, impact strength and colour stability
  • Handles like porcelain
  • Indirect restorations created from Sinfony indirect lab composite offer natural vitality, amber opalescent effect and fluorescence
  • Sinfony Dentine-Material is available in 18 shades: D A0, D A1, D A2, D A3, D A3.5, D A4, D B0, D B1, D B2, D B3, D B4, D C1, D C2, D C3, D C4, D D2, D D3, D D4

A micro-hybrid, indirect laboratory composite that combines strength, beauty and versatility. Developed for laboratories and designed to build like porcelain, the composite is excellent for inlays/onlays, veneers and full crowns.

Refill includes: 5g dispenser of Dentine/Body-Material in shade D D2.