Paint Preparation, Application & Finish

Paint Preparation, Application & Finish
Paint Preparation, Application & Finish

About 3M Paint Preparation, Application & Finish

  • Paint application requires the best tools available. The 3M™ Accuspray™ ONE spray gun and 3M™ PPS™ Paint Preparation System come together to create a versatile, streamlined process.

    Perfect paint jobs require quite a bit of preparation. 3M offers an extensive variety of tools to help ensure your vehicles are optimally prepped.
    A great paint job deserves the perfect finish. 3M’s paint finishing and detailing products produce that like-new shine your customers expect, while helping to increase your productivity and the quality of your repairs.

    Download the Full SOP Brochure (PDF, 82 KB)

Paint Preparation, Application & Finish Standard Operating Procedures

  • 3M has the products and repair processes for you. See below for our Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Feather Prime Block Waterborne

    Abrasives and masking from 3M provide the perfect basis for best painting results. The right abrasives play a key role for a perfect result in vehicle refinishing.

    Topics include:
    General Masking
    Jam Masking
    Mask Opening
    Primer Masking
    Refinish Bumper Prep
    New Primed Bumper Prep
    E-Coat Panel Prep
    Feather Prime Block
    Feather Prime Block Waterborne
    Blend Panel Sanding Process

  • Base Coat Denibbing

    Including innovations such as the PPS™ Paint Preparation System and, more recently, the Accuspray™ System, 3M has a wide range of solutions for spraying primer or paint.

    Topics include:
    Paint Preparation System
    Base Coat Denibbing
    PPS™ Color Match Film

  • Paint Finish Denibbing Process

    Whether you have to remove surface defects or just want to achieve the perfect finish - our easy-to-follow color-coded compounding process guides you in a few steps to a fantastic result.

    Topics include:
    Paint Finish Denibbing Process
    Paint Finish Small Area Process
    No Compound Paint Finish Small Area Process
    Paint Finish Full Panel Process
    No Compound Paint Finish Full Finish Process:
    Headlight Lens Restoration Process
    Vehicle Clean Up Process

  • Legal Notice Regarding SDSs

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