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Warranty Overview & Registration


Thank you for purchasing 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope. Your Littmann® Stethoscope is fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects (both binaural and chestpiece) for the following duration:

Cardiology III™ 5years
Classic II Infant 3years
Classic II Pediatric 3years
Classic II S.E. 3years
Electronic Model 3200 2years
Master Cardiology™ 7years
Master Classic II™ 3years
Select and Lightweight II S.E. 2years
Classic II S.E. Teaching 3years
Master Classic II™ Veterinary 3years

But in warranty period, spare parts such as Eartips, Rim and Diaphragm are excluded. Please complete the e-registration within 14 days from the day of purchase. (Failure to complete will diminish your warranty rights.)

多謝貴客戶選購3M™ Littmann ® 醫生聽診器 在保用期間任何的零件製造瑕疵,除了人為因素造成的故障外,皆可獲得免費的維修服務。保用期 (從購買之日起):

心臟科第三代聽診器 (Cardiology III™) 5年
嬰兒型聽診器 (Classic II Infant) 3年
幼兒型聽診器 (Classic II Peadiatric) 3年
一般型聽診器 (Classic II S.E.) 3年
電子專業型聽診器電子聽診器系列 (Electronic Model 3200) 2年
心臟科精密型聽診器 (Master Cardiology™) 7年
大師級聽診器(Master Classic II™) 3年
基礎型聽診器(Select and Lightweight II S.E.) 2年
教學用聽診器(Classic II S.E. Teaching) 3年
動物專用聽診器(Master Classic II™ Veterinary) 3年


請閣下於購買日起十四天內完成網上登記程序 (若資料不完整,產品將不獲保養)。

Terms and Conditions (for online registration):

(1) This warranty is valid only when the original purchase receipt is presented when service is rendered.

(2) 3M shall be responsible for material or manufacturing defect, free of charge within the guaranteed period of specific models. Eartips, rim and diaphragm shall be repaired or replaced at a charge. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become 3M's property.

(3) This warranty shall automatically be void if : - The product is damaged due to customer's default, misuse, negligence or excessive stretching. - The product has been repaired or altered by anyone without prior consent from 3M.

(4) Customer shall be responsible for self-delivery and pickup of the product.

(5) This warranty only applies to the product purchased through an official distribution channel of 3M Hong Kong Limited.

(6) In case there is any inconsistency or conflict discrepancy between the English version and Chinese version of the terms, the English version shall prevail.

保用細則 ( 網上登記):

(1) 維修時,客戶須同時出示此購物收據正本,方為有效。

(2) 在保用期內,如遇到產品製造故障或材料問題,本公司將提供免費產品修理及更換零件。耳竇的備件,防寒圈和隔膜損毀須客戶自費更換。已更換之故障零件歸本公司所有。

(3) 如遇以下情況,本保用服務將自動失效。(一) :產品由於客戶過失,濫用,疏忽,過度拉扯引致損壞 ;或(二)產品曾由非本公司授權人士進行更改或修理。

(4) 客戶需自行將產品送本公司,及於維修後自行取回。

(5) 此保用只適用於經3M香港有限公司認可的分銷渠道購買之產品。

(6) 中英文版本如有差異,概以英文為準。

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