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  • 3M為您提供多種汽車保養產品,讓您有效率地維持車輛外觀嶄新狀態,您將可讓輪胎與鋼圈外觀保持清潔、移除車身漆面上的鹽分、維持汽車內裝人造皮或真皮革外觀清潔亮麗,3M™ 汽車保養產品亦提供高效清潔劑與車蠟,用於車身的清潔與拋光,彰顯車輛外觀質感。

3M™ 汽車保養產品類別

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  • Dents not only look bad but they also reduce the value of your vehicle. Because paint is often damaged when metal is dented, rust can form and eventually ruin the metal. To save costs in the long run, 3M body repair system helps you prepare, repair, fill and finish in just four easy steps.

  • Tough dirt, adhesives, grease and grime are easy to take care of with 3M’s line of auto cleaners. They are also ideal for surface preparation before auto painting. Our lines of cleaners includes waxes and tire restorer products that protect and give vehicles a rich finish.

  • For collision repair solutions, 3M's product line is optimized for filling and repairing dents, patching holes and leaks and restoring finishes to a like new condition. Our auto filling and repair line also includes reinforced body filler – containing interlocking fiberglass strands and fibers for added strength and durability.

  • Dim headlight bulbs and hazy plastic headlight lenses can reduce visibility, putting you, your passengers and other cars at risk. With 3M headlight lens restoration solutions, car and motorcycle owners can shine and restore plastic lenses — including headlights, tail lights, fog and directional lights — to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost.

  • Restore fuel economy, power and performance with 3M products for regular vehicle maintenance. We offer a full line of products that help keep brakes and engines running smoothly while reducing costly auto shop repairs.

  • For almost every automotive application, there’s a 3M masking tape to help get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our innovative masking solutions are ideal for detailing with highly-conformable tape that hugs curves, contours and provides outstanding paint lines and adhesive transfer resistance.

  • To prevent auto body rust from becoming an irreversible condition, 3M has an extensive line of products for paint and rust removal that clean surfaces to the bare metal in preparation for repairs and restoration.

  • For superior paint and scratch repair, 3M's products helps you repair damage to the body of the car while helping you save time, labor and money. Restore the like-new look to automobiles by using what the auto body professionals use.

  • Finding the right abrasive to meet your auto needs is key to creating a smooth finish. Whether you are featheredging, primer sanding or paint prepping and finishing – 3M has the expertise and products to help you get the job done right.

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  • Our products are constantly evolving, and 3M experts are always available to help you find the right one.

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