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3M Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

  • You didn’t get into the restaurant business for the pan scrubbing. But a set of clean and perfectly stacked pots make a difference. What goes on behind the scenes affects your customers’ experience the moment they come through the front door. That’s why we work as tirelessly as you do to bring innovative, high-performing, and cost-cutting kitchen and restaurant cleaning solutions. Whether your counters require a simple wipe, your dishes need an everyday clean, or your griddles need a heavy-duty scour, our commercial kitchen cleaning solutions work harder and last longer than anything comparable so you can get back to what got you into the restaurant business in the first place.

Vegas restaurant owner speaking about the benefits of quick clean
Featured Testimonial: Quick Clean

A Las Vegas Strip restaurant says goodbye to messy griddles and endless scrubbing in three safe and easy steps.

3M Featured Products for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

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    Scotch-Brite™ HEX Series of Scour Pads and Sponges

    Your menu inspires ours. The Scotch-Brite™ HEX Series—from absorbent sponges to lowscratch scour pads—is uniquely designed to scour faster than other scouring tools thus improving your staff productivity.

  • The hum of a kitchen takes a system. The Scotch-Brite™ Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System gets your flat top gleaming and sizzling in minutes. Our 3 simple steps not only allows your staff to save time and produce more but keep them safe.

  • A new and different tool in the fight against grease: A pre-moistened disposable wipe that reduces cleaning time with repeated use and effectively fights grease now — wipe and move on. No mess, no hassle.

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    Grease Management

    Safer. Cleaner. Your concerns are ours, too. Whether you’re cleaning food prep surfaces or kitchen floors, 3M provides the grease-cutting solutions you need to give both your staff and guests a safer and cleaner environment—reliably and cost-efficiently.

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    Water Quality & Consistency

    Detailed down to the molecular level. Like you, 3M understands memorable meal service starts with great-tasting water, clear ice cubes, and spot-free dishes. Our line of state-of-the-art water filtration products are designed to meet all your high-quality water needs—down to the last drop.

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