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About 3M Graphics and Signage

  • No matter the vehicles your customers drive, the buildings they occupy or the locations their businesses serve, every surface they own can become an extension of their brands. Car wraps can create dynamic vehicle advertising, window graphics can increase foot traffic, and wall wraps can invigorate the customer experience. The 3M Graphics & Signage product portfolio gives graphics manufacturers the ability to bring their clients’ visions to life. With our total graphics and illuminated sign solutions, your customers will get the attention they deserve… and they will love you for it.

Three images displaying Graphic and Signage products on a wall, a window and a vehicle
Making You Look Good is Our Business.

Applications for Vehicle Graphics, Signage & More

  • With over 250 million vehicles on U.S. roads, the market for car wraps seems infinite. But each individual driver comes with a unique personal or corporate brand worthy of attention. With 3M’s versatile portfolio of vehicle films, graphics professionals have all the design and installation features they’ll need to bring creative visions to life – no matter who’s behind the wheel.

  • Window with 3m printed film graphic
    Windows Graphics

    Picture glass and windows differently. See them as amazing real estate opportunities for long or short-term branding. Graphic manufacturers will help customers look their best -- at the value they need -- through our comprehensive portfolio of films for window graphics, which include perforated films, transparent films and more.

  • Building & Wall Graphics
    Building & Wall Graphics

    From the rough exteriors of brick walls to sweltering outdoor installation conditions, installing the perfect building or wall wrap is far from simple. 3M's lineup of films for wall graphics help graphic manufacturers and installers transform any space into a branding opportunity with ease – all backed by surefire performance and stunning image quality.

  • Inside building floor wrapped in 3M graphics film
    Sidewalk & Floor Graphics

    Your customers’ floors and sidewalks are more than mere walking surfaces. They’re promotional real estate. With 3M films, graphic manufacturers and installers can create eye-catching floor graphics with promotional messaging to generate traffic from your sidewalk, through your business interior.

  • Domino's pizza illuminated sign wrapped in 3M printable, colored, translucent film
    Illuminated Signs

    To get noticed, image is everything. To ensure your customers receive the brand consistency and attention they deserve, 3M offers solutions from colored and printable translucent films to flexible substrates, overlaminates and more. With an industry-leading warranty to boot, 3M is your single source for illuminated sign solutions.

  • Sign wrapped in 3M printable film, labeled
    Sign & Graphics Applications

    New business and marketing opportunities come and go in a flash. To capitalize, graphic manufacturers and installers need a roster of films that cover a lot of territory. Available with various performance features and adhesion qualities, these 3M films assist with the more niche sign and graphics applications.

Featured Products for Car Wraps, Wall Graphics and More

One project. Infinite options. From vinyl car wraps to wall and window graphics renovations, no two projects are the same. 3M products offer graphic manufacturers and installers versatile options that help get the job done. No matter the circumstance.

  • Large Ford truck wrapped in iJ180mC print wrap film.
    Print Wrap Film IJ180mC

    Turbocharge your car wraps with a vehicle film that installs even faster and looks even better. Available in white, clear and metallic.

  • Brightly colored sports car wrapped in 3M reflective film.
    Reflective Print Wrap Film 780mC-10R

    With heat recovery properties that can navigate even the trickiest car wrap, this reflective film packs a punch and help make graphics stand out 24 hours a day.

  • Sports car speeding down a highway wrapped in the versatile 3M 480mC graphics film.
    Envision Wrap Films | 480mC

    Going green never looked so good with this versatile film designed for challenging vehicle wraps and textured wall wraps.