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3M authorized dealer installers listed here are part of the Prestige Dealer Network, which is our most prestigious network who has access to our full product offering including our top tiered products: 3M™ Window Film Prestige and Thinsulate Series. This network of dealers are committed to the highest quality and service standards. They have been professionally trained and certified to deliver superior installation backed by 3M’s comprehensive warranties.

  • Hong Kong Market
    Company NameTel
    Ace Pack Engineering Company9490 0275
    Atlas International Enterprise Co., Ltd 2797 9193
    Bluesky Design & Construction Limited 2596 1101
    Film Marble Ltd 3709 2530
    Hong Kong Pioneer Design Co. Ltd 3708 8905
    Kei Lok Limited6112 7376
    KingSa(Asia) Ltd 3105 3886
    Sitami Film Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd. 3656 2686
    Top Billion Industries Ltd 2329 8318
  • Company NameTel
    Zenith Advertising Co. Ltd 853 2836 6162

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