Post Factory Installation

Go from factory fresh to road ready.

Upgrade your vehicles with products that enhance safety,
comfort and durability.

About Post Factory Installation

  • Fresh off the line is just the beginning.

    Whether reducing UV rays or creating a smoother ride, easy-to-install 3M auto upgrades and add ons help keep a vehicle running at its best. For dealerships and professional installers, these products can represent a brand new revenue stream for your business. Make sure every car is one you feel confident to drive or proud to offer.

Automotive Window Films

  • Automtive Window Films

    For car dealerships: Grow your business your way.

    The 3M™ Automotive Window Film Program puts you in the driver’s seat. Help your customers beat the heat, reduce the sun’s glare and travel in style by offering 3M™ Automotive Window Films. Outsource the installation or manage the offering in-house – the choice and the revenue potential are yours.

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