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Thank you for purchasing 3M™Polarizing Task Light. We guarantee to offer 15 months (non LED models) and 27 months (LED models) (for on-line registration only) free maintenance service from the date of purchase, subject to the terms and conditions set out below (or refer warranty card inside the product packaging). Please complete the e-registration within 10 days from the day of purchase. (Failure to complete or return the warranty card will diminish your warranty rights.)

多謝貴客戶選購3M™ 博視燈™,本公司提供由購買日起計15個月(非LED型號) 及27個月(LED型號) 免費保用服務(只限網上登記), 請細閱下列的保用細則。請閣下於購買日起十天內完成網上登記程序或郵寄保用登記表回本公司,資料不完整及遺忘寄回,產品將不獲保養。

Terms and Conditions (for online registration):

(1) After submission of warranty registration, a registration number will be issued and sent to the registrar's email. This warranty is valid only when the registration number and the original purchase receipt are presented when service is rendered.

(2) For any defect which in our judgment is caused under normal use, we are responsible for repairing or replacing parts (excluding light tube), free of charge within the guarantee period. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become our property.

(3) This warranty shall automatically be void if (1) the product has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tampered with, altered or repaired in any way by persons not authorized by us, or (2) it has been damaged through misuse, negligence liquid ingress, accident, insect or natural calamities, or (3) it has become malfunction due to power interruption or abnormal voltage input. We may at our sole discretion provide maintenance service subject to certain charge.

(4) You are responsible for self-delivery and pickup of the product.

(5) In case there is any inconsistency or conflict discrepancy between the English version and Chinese version of the terms, the English version shall be prevail.

(6) The warranty is valid only in Hong Kong.

保用細則 ( 網上登記):

(1) 登記完成後,本公司將以電郵方式發送一組登記編號給登記者。維修時,客戶須同時出示此保用登記編號及購物收據,方為有效。

(2) 保用期內,機件如發生故障,經本公司證實在正常使用情況下發生,本公司將提供免費修理及更換零件 (燈管除外)。

(3) 如遇以下情況,本保用服務將自動失效,或本公司將按情況酌收材料及修理成本費用。(一)產品曾由非本公司授權人士進行更改或修理;或(二)曾因錯誤操作、疏忽使用、穢物滲入機內、意外事件、蟲蛀、天然災害而引致損壞;或(三)因不正常供電或電壓不正常導致機件操作失靈。

(4) 客戶需自行將產品送到本公司,及於維修後自行取回。

(5) 中英文版本如有差異,概以英文為準。

(6) 此保用只在香港有效。

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