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  • The Challenge

    Excess chlorine can oxidize parts and fittings, and excessive hardness can form scale in your espresso equipment, reducing life and causing bitter-tasting beverages.

  • The Solution

    3M™ Water Filtration Products containing ion exchange resin media can help reduce hardness and improve espresso beverage quality without the need for a drain, electrical connection or salt regeneration.

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Find the right 3M water filter for your espresso machine

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    Quality water helps provide better-tasting espresso, loyal customers and fewer service calls. With a wide array of filter types available, it can be daunting to decide which filter is most appropriate.    

    Consider the following to help you find the right espresso machine water filter:

    • Hardness-level of incoming water
    • Desire to reduce hardness but still leave a certain level in product-water for taste
    • Machine Capacity (Gallons or liters)
    • Estimated number of hours your machine runs per day or total water used per day

Explore 3M™ Water Filtration Products for your Espresso Machines

We offer a wide array of espresso machine water filter products to help meet your business needs. See the table below to view our most common espresso machine water filter products.

Click on a system or replacement link in the table below to find:

  • Product specifications
  • Spec sheets and literature
  • Where to buy online or through local dealers
Espresso Machine Water Filtration Systems and Replacements
  • Note: if you are looking for commercial foodservice water filters that service multiple pieces of foodservice equipment including espresso machines, visit our multi-equipment page.

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  • *Product Selection and Use: This tool is intended to provide guidance on products for a foodservice application. Since there are many factors that can affect a product’s use, the customer and user remain responsible for determining whether the 3M product is suitable and appropriate for the user’s specific application, including user evaluating the 3M product in user’s application.